What Is Oz tag? 


Oztag is a game designed to be the only true non-tackling form of Rugby League. What makes this game different to others is that a tackle is effected when a strip of cloth attached by velcro, known as a tag , is removed from the side of a player's shorts. In Oztag the attacking team has the advantage (you run at spaces not faces). This occurs due to the fact that there is more room to move because you have to remove a tag on the side of the shorts instead of tipping anywhere on the body as happens in Touch Football. The invention of the tag also prevents phantom calls.

All skills are utilised in Oztag including kicking. Passing becomes an attacking weapon, and if a player is put into a gap, there is a high probability they will make a clean break. When attacking the line, fancy moves such as around-the-corner passes work well, often making the defender stoop low to remove the tag.

The game is non-tackling and the rules are designed to encourage this - you cannot as an attacker run straight at a defender, you must run at the gaps. You cannot as a defender impede the progress of an attacker, so if you try to get a tag and miss you may well be penalised. The basketball charge rule applies so that whoever initiates contact will be penalised.

The rules are basically the same as Rugby League with the ball being allowed to go to the ground with the advantage rule applying - this results in is a lot of broken field play. Teams kick off as in League and drop-outs are also taken from one's own in-goal area. Kicking in general play is allowed but it must be below shoulder height.